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HOLSEM Power Strip

The holsem power strip is a powerful surge protector that provides 14 ac outlets and 6 heavy-duty extension cords with it. It's perfect for use in a home or office with high power demand.

Buy HOLSEM Power Strip

Looking for a surge protector that can handle high power flows? look no further than the holsem power strip! This strip features 12 outlet surge protectors that surge protectively protect your computer or phone from damage. 1a power rating means this strip will slowly protect your device over time.
this is a fast, easy-to-use surge protector that includes 8 outlets and 2 smart usb charging ports. This device works with unleaded and cold water. It is also wearing a holsesem logo.
the holsem power strip is a great way to protect your electrical equipment from surges and sparks. It has 12 outlet options and is adjustable to fit any room or room size. The strip also includes a built-in surge protector and an easy-to-use customer service telephone.